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Hi! My name is Borys. I love photography!

Not only that I love taking pictures, but also sharing my experience with others. 

What determines our choice? 
Is it technique, skills, or maybe the actual  photograph?
It’s rather that we pick our photographer because of his feelings, preferences and views.
We want  to see our special day from their unique perspective. I’ve enjoyed my experience shooting each and every wedding! 
You will see the events through my eyes!

Wedding photography - for whom is it?

It seems that it is made not for the bride and for the groom not for their parents. It seems that today’s wedding photos could be called advertising ones. I think that it is made for everybody, but not for those who are depicted on, especially not for the their future generations.


Wedding photography - for whom is it? Whose ambitions and which aims should be depicted on those photos? What kind of photos has to be the real wedding photography? …

I like honest pictures! The photos where one will see the “real face” of wedding,  and not someone’s ambitions! I like simple photography!

Who will prohibit me to love it? …

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